Factors that Affect the Average Cost to Replace a Roof

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The life expectancy of the average roof is roughly around twenty years. However, there are a number of factors that can shorten that life dramatically. Severe weather can destroy a roof even when it is brand new. Poorly installed roofing projects can fail in a matter of years. Other types of roofs are not expected to last that long –meaning that this article focuses on the roof types typically found on houses and other buildings and not the metal roofs found on mobile homes.

How badly is My Roof Damaged?

 Average Cost to Replace a Roof

Before you even start looking for estimates for replacing or repairing your roof, you should be sure that it has been damaged and how bad the damage is. If you have insurance on the home, the insurance adjuster will have to look at the roof and make a determination, which will tell you:

  • How badly the roof has been damaged
  • How much your policy will cover toward that damage
  • Your deductible amount, which is the amount that you must pay on your own, before the insurance kicks in).

Getting Estimates for Roofing Replacements

Before your insurance agent will give you a check, they will insist that you get several estimates for the cost of repairs. Getting estimates should be fairly easy if you follow these steps and tips:

  • Call only local, bonded roofing contractors that give free estimates
  • Ask for a number of different options for your new roof.

Most roofing companies will inform you if you need a replacement roof or just a repair.

Roofing Options That Can Change the Average Cost of Your Roof

There are a number of things that can increase the average cost of your roof regardless of whether you are replacing or repairing it. These include:

  • The type of shingles or other roofing material being used
  • What kind of material is being placed beneath the roofing material
  • Your venting needs, it is important that your roof be vented correctly
  • The slope of your roof
  • The height of the building
  • How easy it is to get to the roof/building
  • The complexity of the project

Can You Save Money By Doing Your Roof Yourself?

Some people will try to save some money by repairing or replacing their own roof. While you can save a little bit of money by doing work yourself, you may also create more work for a professional, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. You also run the risk of injuring yourself in the process of roofing. Before you even attempt a self roofing job, consider these factors:

  • Do you know how to estimate the amount of materials that you need for the job?
  • Do you know how to install shingles and other materials?
  • Do you know what to do with slopes, angles or corners of the roof?
  • Do you know how to safely remove all of the old material? In some areas you can only have so many layers of roofing materials to be up to code meaning that you may have to remove your old roof before starting on the new.
  • Do you know the rules of venting and how to install the required number of vents in your roof?
  • Do you have ladders and the other items that you will need?
  • Will you have help to do this task?

A professional roofer can complete most roofing jobs in one day while a person who is doing their own work with a friend may take several days to finish the same job.

Things that Can Change the Life Expectancy of Your Roof

There are certain things that can make a roof fail before it would normally be expected to. While the most common cause of roof failure is poor installation these other factors should be considered as well:

  • Faulty materials: most shingles have a warranty to protect the consumer.
  • Areas that are prone to very severe weather: especially if there is wild swings with the temperature that can cause problems like ice dams which build under the shingles and then make them pull away from the roof. Another weather issue that can damage roof is high winds which can peel shingles from the roof in huge strips.

Keep these things in mind when considering the average cost to replace a roof.