How to Determine Roof Replacement Cost

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There are many reasons someone may be looking into roof replacement costs. Usually it is for one of three main reasons though:How to Determine Roof Replacement Cost

  1. Storm damage has caused you to need to look into the cost of replacing your roof, with or without the help of your insurance company.
  2. Age has made it time for this task to get done and checked off of your to-do list or you may be considering putting the house on the market and realize this will need to be done.
  3. You are looking into buying a house and one of the drawbacks is that it needs a new roof. Before deciding if this one is worth making an offer on, you need to see how much that new roof would cost you.

Of course, you could also be looking for the cost of upgrading your roof instead of simply replacing it. It should come as no surprise that there are a great many factors that go into what a roof replacement cost will run you. All of these are also things you should know about before buying materials or signing on the dotted line for an agreement for that contractor.

Some of the Basics to Know

It would be great to be able to give a flat average of what a new roof costs, labor and all. Of course that alone is one of the details that can greatly impact the price – are you paying top dollar for skilled labor or attempting to do it yourself?

Here are some of the other details that go into deciding whether your roof estimate is just at around a couple thousand dollars or closer to 20,000 dollars.

  • Materials – Obviously this is one of the major deciding factors for your roof replacement cost, just like what you build your home with impacts the price. This can be especially important if you are considering upgrading from say standard asphalt shingles to ceramic clay tile. Asphalt tiles are one of the least expensive options, and are also easier to handle for those who are considering DIY approach. You can usually plan on materials at this level starting as low as $50 per 100 square feet. Of course from there it can just up to as high as $1,000 for a 100 square feet depending on the materials.
  • Size and Repair Versus Replacement – Like your home, the roof is also measured in terms of square footage. When shopping for materials you generally see prices for 100 square feet or a 10 x 10 square foot section. If you have a small roof the price is lower than a larger one. Of course, whether you need to replace the entire roof or just part if it will also impact the price. Keep in mind, it is often times just easier to replace the entire roof at one time and then not worry about it again for 10-15 years. If you only need some repairs though, try to get this done and then invest in replacing the entire roof at one time, at a later date.
  • Slope or Pitch – Basically the slope or pitch is the degree of roof steepness. The steeper the roof, the more complicated and dangerous the job. You can expect if you have a roof with a severe pitch you are going to have to pay a bit more to have the job done. You may even have a flat roof which is common for commercial buildings. Keep in mind it is generally a good idea to allow a professional to handle the job if you have a dramatic slope. If this is the case, it is a good idea to go ahead and plan in your budget for roof replacement cost to include professional installation.
  • Location or Accessibility – This actually includes two different aspects, which would be your location as well as the location of your home. Your physical location may be impacted by different required fees within the county, etc. Typically this is most important if building a new home or altering the existing roof in any major way. The location of the roof on your property as far as trees, power lines or other factors that can make installing a roof easy or more difficult. Also, keep in mind if your home is one story this will be lower cost than if you have a two-story home. The closer to the ground the roof is the less expensive your roof replacement cost will be.

There are other little details that may go into the roof replacement cost and some of this could even depend on your own unique situation. For example, if you are having the roof replaced due to storm damage you may also require removal of trees, limbs and other debris that could need to be cleared away prior to replacement. If you are having an old roof removed you can assume you may be adding up to around $1000 to your average cost.

In addition to any and all of this you may need to factor in additional labor charges. For example, repairing damage to support beams caused by a storm, termites or simple age and rot will increase labor charges. The best thing to do is try to get an estimate before agreeing to hire someone to replace your roof. In fact get multiple estimates and see what each one includes. It is not always wise to simply go with the lowest cost when it is more important to get the best, highest quality work.

Let the person doing the appraisal know of any issues you may have including repair. Work only with someone who is licensed and insured. You should also make sure your contractual agreement makes note of how the contractor will handle matters of repair to their work. It is not a good idea to sign up to work with someone who does not back their own work with a guarantee to fix any issues that follow their work.