Terms and Conditions

Please review these terms for your safety. We provide them as guidelines for our customers. Here are the key terms for our business.

  1. Copyright – Anything that is used on our site including but not limited to graphics or pictures are highly protected under strict copyright laws.
  2. Limits – When using our site, any damages that may occur due to viruses or any other cause are not the responsibility of our company. All other electronic flaws that may occur during the operation of your computer are covered in this policy.
  3. Deleting and Modification – We have the right to add or completely edit any information on our site. This may include your personal information as well.
  4. Acceptance of Agreement – Upon entering our site and clicking the agreement button, you hereby agree to all the terms of our site. Any and all things outlined in this agreement are covered in this policy. If at any time information is altered, you can request a copy of the agreement to keep for your records.
  5. Submissions – We are not at any time obligated to use anything you as the user and customer send into us. If we do use your submission, it becomes the property of the company. It is at our discretion to compensate the customer if we feel necessary.
  6. Third-Party Website – We are not in any way responsible for third party member contact. Our site is secured by top quality prevention software, but third parties at times are able to retrieve information. Our company cannot be held accountable for any activity by a third party member.
  7. General – In summary, you are agreeing to all terms quoted in this policy. If any of the policies are broken we reserve the right to contract our legal team for any consequences accrued by the user.